Friday, February 15, 2008

Metalua 0.4.1 (rc1)

A new version of metalua is available, with the following improvements:
  • A properly working runtime error reporting: source line infos are now correctly included in the bytecode. thanks to V. Egorov.
  • Support for 64 bits processors, thanks to O. Gournet.
  • Interactive REPL in the front-end, with optional readline support. Interactions with scoped extensions is not fully functional yet.
  • Update of Pluto to version 2.2: dependencies to patched VM are dropped (the previous version required LUAI_FUNC symbols to be exported by the VM, which wasn't the case for non BSD-based platforms). Thanks to B. Sunshine-Hill for his very reactive user support.
  • Build for visual studio .NET, thanks to D. Manura
  • Update of the included VM from the Pluto-modified 5.1.2 to the regular 5.1.3.
  • a couple of minor bug fixes

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