Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bug again

Found a new bug, in the compiler, for the `Stat{ b, e } expression AST. This node's purpose is to include a block of statements b where an expression was expected. The node's value is the value of expression e, evaluated as if it were in the block's context, So that `Stat{ +{block: local x=3}, +{expr: x} } evaluates to 3. If the block declares local variables holding upvalues (i.e. values used by closures), they might be overridden before being saved out of the stack (so that they would survive the block's scope). Quick fix: replace function expr.Stat in compile.lua with the following code:
function expr.Stat (fs, ast, v)
   local save_nactvar = fs.nactvar
   local dest_reg = fs.freereg
   local save_actvar = { }
   local last_unreg_var = #fs.actvar
   if last_unreg_var > 0 or fs.actvar[0] then
      for i = fs.nactvar, last_unreg_var do
         save_actvar[i] = fs.actvar[i]
   fs.nactvar = fs.freereg
   enterblock (fs, { }, false)
   chunk (fs, ast[1])
   expr.expr (fs, ast[2], v)
   luaK:exp2nextreg (fs, v)
   leaveblock (fs)
   luaK:exp2reg (fs, v, dest_reg)
   fs.freereg = fs.freereg+1
   fs.nactvar = save_nactvar
   for i, j in pairs(save_actvar) do fs.actvar[i] = j end
A slightly better job could be done by checking whether there are upvalues in the block, and if not, save a register copy, but I don't have time to test this thoroughly yet so I stick to the safer version.

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